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Is it worth repairing?

Should You Repair or Replace Your Appliance? Appliances generally last for 15 – 20 years, especially when maintained properly. Proper maintenance actually reduces the incidents of faulty functioning considerably. When a household appliance stops working, you have two choices. You can either repair the appliance or replace it. To make the right decision several factors need to be

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Appliance Care and Maintenance Tips to Make Appliances Last | Family Handyman

Bad habits cost you; good habits save thousands. Read on and save big on appliance repairs with these maintenance tips. Clean Refrigerator Coils If your refrigerator stops working on a hot day, suspect the coils. Service pros find this problem on half of their refrigerator calls. On many fridges, you get to the coils by

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10 DIY Appliance Maintenance Tips To Keep Them Running Like New

09/14/2012 08:19 am ET Updated Nov 12, 2012 By Steve Ash We all have that fear. Your washing machine breaks in the middle of a cycle, flooding your laundry room. Your refrigerator shuts down after you just restocked with groceries. Or your oven stops working just before a large holiday meal. What many people don’t realize is that

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