Where do you service?

GoPro Appliance Repair services the greater Louisville, KY area

What appliance repair services do you offer?

We will service any appliance in your home to ensure we keep you up and running! Typically, we service garbage disposals, ovens, refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, and washer & dryers.

My Washer & Dryer is leaking, can you fix it?

Absolutely! You do not want to let that issue go, as it can cause floor rot below the machines. Call GoPro in Louisville, KY today to resolve this issue.

How often should I do routine maintenance on my dishwasher?

To ensure that your dishes continue to be cleaned properly, it is recommended that you clean your dishwasher weekly.

Is it bad to use softener sheets in my washer & dryer?

No, this is fine to do. But they can cause a lint build up much quicker than normal. Make sure to clean your filters often.

Can my refrigerator go against the wall?

Yes, as long as the back does not have a metal grid on the back. If it does, consult your owner's manual for recommended distance.

Why does the water come from my refrigerator so slow?

There are a few different explanations for this problem. The most common being a clogged filter. If completely clogged, it can actually result in no running water.

How often should I change the filter in my refrigerator?

It is recommended to change your filter every 6 months.

My dryer is running, but it is not getting hot. Why?

First make sure your dryer is operating on the correct type of outlet. If this is correct, then it could be a coil issue. Call GoPro in Louisville, KY to resolve this issue for you quickly so that you can get back to having dry clothes!