Call the Pros Today For All Your Refrigerator Repair Needs

Call the Pros Today For All Your Refrigerator Repair Needs


Let's face it: Your refrigerator is one of those appliances you simply can't live without. So if your fridge isn't working the way it should, you need a repair team on the scene quickly to nip the problem in the bud. Call GoPro Appliance Repair Today!

Don't Ignore That Puddle Under the Refrigerator!

GoPro Appliance Repair is able to repair refrigerators quickly and efficiently in Louisville, KY. Common issues that we can resolve are including but not limited to:

  • Ice machine not working
  • Not staying cold
  • Too cold
  • Perspiration on the food, or outside of the refrigerator
  • Not turning on
  • Light will not turn on
  • Door seal is not sealing correctly
  • Loud noises when running

We understand how important it is to have a working refrigerator. We also understand that the longer your problem goes unresolved, the greater the chance of you losing money on spoiled food. So when you call on us, we'll arrive at your home or business quickly to assess the problem and implement an effective solution. We pride ourselves on our dedicated approach to all that we do, and we aim to not just meet, but exceed expectations on every job.

For more information about our refrigerator repair services or to schedule your appointment, call our team now.