Repair Your Stove Top and Avoid a Full Replacement

Repair Your Stove Top and Avoid a Full Replacement

Kitchen appliance repair in New Albany, IN, Louisville, KY and the surrounding areas

Do you have a stove burner out? Is there one burner that just isn't getting as hot as the others? Then you might need stove top repair services. Our trained professionals at GoPro Appliance Repair have the experience and the precision for your kitchen appliance repair needs.

If you have a vintage stove that you want to keep around, a simple repair might be all you need. Whether the stove won't turn on, you need a glass stovetop replacement, or your stove burners are sparking and unsafe to use, call on GoPro Appliance Repair. We promise a professional job well done every time.

Call us today at 502-966-7921 to get started on your New Albany, IN stove top repair.

Put the heat back in your New Albany, IN kitchen

Our company is family-owned and -operated. We know how important quality time in your kitchen can be, that is why it is so important to ensure your kitchen appliances are working properly. The experts at GoPro Appliance Repair can swiftly and efficiently repair your stove top so you can get back to enjoying your kitchen.

Call on us to help you:

  • Replace bad electric stove top burners
  • Replace faulty electric stove top sockets
  • Replace the switch
  • Clean the pilot or igniter on a gas stove
  • Clean the burner assembly
  • Check and replace any fuses needed
  • Remove a bad burner

You don't have to buy an entirely new stove and oven if a simple call can solve the issue. Schedule your New Albany, IN stove top repair today by calling 502-966-7921.